Audiobase is a database currently maintaned by Multimedia Technology group of Department of radioelectronics, CTU FEE in Prague and supported by SGS11/159/OHK3/3T/13 grant "Personal Navigation System using Artificial Audio Signals for Assistive Technology"


About the Audiobase

The aim of the database is to collect the data related to the various aspects of spatial hearing, including spatial hearing of people with disabilities (visually impaired, hearing impaired). In comparison with many other databases, e.g. HRTF databases such as ARI, CIPIC, etc. this database is subject-oriented, it means collect as much data as possible linked with a subject. Examples of data collected:

  • Audiometric data
  • Antropometric data (along CIPIC)
  • Measured Head Related Impulse Response/Head Related Frequency Response
  • Synthesised Head Related Impulse Response/Head Related Frequency Response
  • Personalised subjective test material
  • Personalised subjective test results

In the above mentioned HRTF databases, you can find only the HRTF and (maybe) antropometric data. But from our database you can also find out, how good is the person in orientation in Virtual Auditory Space created with the HRTF data, how it is conected with its hearing, etc.